Friday, August 21, 2009

Daddy Time

One of our oldest and dearest friends in San Pedro is Curvin. He lived in San Pedro for several years, then moved to Sand Hill about two years ago to live with his father.

Curvin is a tremendous artist and a great friend. He came from the mainland today to let us know that he is getting married and becoming a father for the first time soon.

Three or four years ago, he told us he was ready to settle down and start a family. He has finally found his one true love, Judith, and she's quite a beauty.

We wish Curvin and his new family all the best!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Year's Ever with Rachel Sedacca

For more information, to find out about Rachel and hear some music clips, click here

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hopkins, Sittee River, and Dangriga

After taking Nepenthe to the Rio, Shanley was bringing Bindi back to San Pedro. There was a property on the Sittee River that they wanted to check out, so Renita and I met up with them in Dangriga, where we stayed overnight at the Sittee River Lodge. Reva was our guide and found us yummy places to eat, and showed us the sights.

It was only one night, but very informative and fun.

For pictures, CLICK HERE

San Pedro to Rio Dulce

Jeannie, Cal, Shanley, Brady, Bindi and I set out to take the Nepenthe to Rio Dulce. Despite a storm just outside Dangriga that set us back five hours, we managed to make it there and back in just three days.

We had a lot of fun, and accomplished some things for friends along the way.

Pictures of our trip CLICK HERE

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jace Turns 12

Yesterday was Jace's 12th birthday and we celebrated with dinner at Antijito's then went back to their house for some birthday cake.

Apparently, when you turn 12, you are allowed to eat your candles.....

Jace and his favorite sister, Kellyn. (Ok, his only sister)

Jeannie lights the candles

Jeannie Renita and I cheezing it up for Kellyn

Patiently waiting for the cake to be cut

Jace fanning himself with birthday money!

Saturday Night at Costa Maya Festival

We arrived at the Costa Maya Festival on Saturday night around 7:00 pm. Working for Tammy at the Hummingbird Cafe booth. Fresh never frozen BAL shrimp in every imaginable combination you can think of. The party had barely started when we arrived and the doors were not opened to visitors for about an hour.

Entrance to the Festival was flanked by a giant Belikin marquee

And you thought cotton candy was made how? Well, here's the real way to make it.....

There's some kind of pink goo in the bucket to his right, which he throws into the giant metal bowl, and voila! he puts in a stick and pulls all the hairy looking pink stuff out.

The carnival rides in Belize travel at an extremely fast rate. I kept waiting to see bodies flinging off the rides as they sped around.....this pic is a flashback for Melanie......

Jeannie and Tammy's friend Dana behind the Hummingbird Cafe booth

The "worker's" table

Little beauty

Dixie and Faith go for a spin

They are spinning pretty high now

They survived!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Logan Calvain Elbert has Arrived!!!!

Some of you may remember when the Elberts were here back in January. TJ and Ashley made the announcement about their pregnancy to TJ's parents the day they arrived.

Logan Calvain was born last night at 8:28 PM..... weighed in at 6 pounds five ounces, and 18inches long.

Congratulations to Ashley, TJ, Rena Richard and Aunt Kelly!!!

We love you guys!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bindi Jade

Great pictures Renita.....she's a keeper!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Saying Adios to Bally and Fads...and Erin

The morning before Fads and Bally left to continue their journey southward, we took them to Estelle's for breakfast

Fads of course had a traditional English breakfast with baked beans all over everything

One Jager Bomb too many for Bally the night before at BC's


Bally and Fads at breakfast

The four of us at Estelle's

Hate to see them all go......Fads and Bally are in New Zealand last I heard, and Erin is in Rio Dulce getting ready to head to South Africa for three weeks, then on to Australia....

Bon Voyage and safe travels.....we miss you!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

BTL Working NOT so much

The phone's not working Then I hear some cat calling from the open window near my desk I look out and I see BTL and think well at least they are working on it And I further think at least the electric working

Some time goes by I still hear the cat calling and phone still not working So I take another look

ONLY to see, they are NOT working The one sitting continues his babe or not so babe calling every female that goes down coconut drive while the other one eats peanuts I sigh & close the window

More time passes and still no phone, so I have to look again and What do I see Drinking and it's not even a Belikin ONLY in Belize

Now I understand the limited part on the logo ahhhhhh