Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Went out to eat a week or so ago with Jeannie and the kids, and the guy next to us ordered a whole fish. The plate looked so cool I had to take a picture of it. Whole fish is not on my diet, but many people in Belize love them. This one looks like it was deep fried, but also looks like it's ready to swim away!!!

While sitting at our hideout the other day, I was excited to see a Red Tanager in the tree right next to us. I have seen one Blue Tanager here on the island, but never a red one, so this was a nice surprise. They really are much brighter in real life than in these photos.

Another rare bird shot. I caught both a male and female "Banana Bird" in the same tree. The male is on the left, the female is on the right. They are actually a type of Oriole, but the locals refer to them as "Banana Birds" because they build their nests under the banana tree leaves, and they look like little hammocks.