Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drumming to Cayo

The Drum Corp from the Isla Bonita Elementary School has been invited to take part in the Band Fest scheduled to take place in Cayo on April 4. They did a little parade route today trying to earn money for their trip. We were happy to oblige them. They are pretty awesome, and it's a real treat to hear them practicing after school and on the weekends, so it was great to have them stop and do their thing in front of our Inn today. Check them out on the video below....

I could hear them coming!

They are working hard

There's Brittany, our neighbor!!!

Check out their sound!! They rock!!!

You Say Goodbye....

Last month it was a blow out bon voyage party for Ryan, this week, it was saying goodbye to Heather and Roger, part of the BYC Clan. They have been here three months, but it was time for them to get back to Idaho, Canada, Spain, or wherever Roger ends up heading for work.

A good time was had by all at the party. See you next year Roger and Heather! Safe travels!

Unique Fishing

We spent an afternoon last week at Jeannie's pool. Tammy, Renita, Belinda, Tony and I, and a friend of Belinda and Tony's, named Jeff. Well, Jeff got a little careless and dropped his keys into the slats of the deck. Since there was no way to get under there, a little creativity had to be arranged.

Are they in there? Yep, yep. they are!

I can see them I can see them

Jeannie, in her infinite wisdom went into the house and brought back a fishing pole.

A successful catch!

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Jeannie drops her favorite bookmark through the slats on the other side of the pool

looking, looking, trying...


The second drop did not require a fishing pole. However, the next evening, we went over to the house with Tina and Curvin. Renita's keys fell behind the stove, and once again, another fishing expedition was successful!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baron Blish Beach Bash

I went walking on the beach Monday morning. Baron Bliss Day here in Belize. It's a public and bank holiday, so nothing is open really, and we had no guests checking in.....

I ran into Brady who was walking to work, and he told me that he and Shanley and Erin were going for a barbeque (that's 'barby" in Australian) that afternoon when he got off work....did we want to go?

Now, I'm just saying that it took me about 2 seconds to say, "YES", and I headed back home to tell Renita. In the (paraphrased) words of Kevin Bloody Wilson, "that's a f*&%in marvelous idea!!!"

We made some goodies for the trip, and headed over to the Nepenthe around noon. Brady wasn't home yet so we sat on the boat for a bit with Erin, Shanley and Princess Bindi.

Erin doesn't look like she's suffering from a hangover, does she?

That Bindi makes the cutest faces!!!

Renita got som,e great shots of her

This is Princess Bindi's hammock bed...where she naps

Who me?

Calling her grandma in Australia....

"Yeah, that's my bed"

"What are you saying?"

Brady finally came back before we could break into the food. We took off, picked Sharon up from north of the bridge, headed through the cut and back to the canals...on our way to another adventure.

Kids tubing

Mr. Nervous Bladder had to make a "piss stop" back in the mangroves

Normally, you put little babies in the car to get them to sleep, this one, you take out on a boat and go really really works!

Taking the family out on a holiday

We found the little slice of beach....and Brady was in charge of bringing the barbeque...which, I might add, he thing, and he forgot. So he and Mrs. Robinson Crusoe here, scoured the bush for the makings of a barbeque pit.

I see fire!!!

There was a little sea gull roost out in the water

Sharon, Renita, Brady and I flying across the water

Erin seems to have recovered nicely from her hangover

Going, going, gone

A playpen on the beach

Dad, I think I like it!

Brady, Shanley and Bindi

Could this be the youngest member of Bar 595?

Renita found a hoola hoop in the bush, and Shanley tried it out. Let's just say some things are better when they are manufactured

Our little picnic site

On the way home, through the canals again...these two were enjoying their day

The perfect welcome mat

Back home to another one of those crappy susets!!!

We had an awesome day....ate some chicken dip, some tasty ribs, and shrimp, and Sharon's wonderful salad. Not bad for forgetting the barby, eh mate?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The March Blow

"In like a lion, out like a lamb"....I can still remember the calendars from grade school where the beginning picture was of a ferocious cartoon lion, and by the end of the month of March, there was a picture of a sweet little lamb.

The saying originated early in the 1600's and some astrologers say that it has to do with the constellations Leo (the lion) and Aries (the lamb) and the way they are lined up during this time of year. In the norther US, it generally means that the harshness of winter will be replaced by semi-warm, longer, spring days.

In tropical climates, it is sometimes called the "March Blow" and starts with the lion some time before the full moon, with high winds, and starts turning into the lamb after the full moon. Here in San Pedro, it happens every year. The seas are rough, fishing and diving generally come to a standstill, and tour guides and fishermen use this time of year to drink and make babies.

I walked the beach this morning and took some shots of the waves breaking and the wind blowing. much better than ice and snow!!!!

Flags at Ramon's Village

Not exactly "surf", but fairly big for inside the reef