Monday, May 25, 2009

The Snake Whisperer

Shanley's sister, Erin, has been working on their old boat, Sky Angel the past few weeks. They are going to sell it and Erin's been sanding and replacing all of the wood interior, cleaning it up and cleaning it out.

Yesterday, she came across an uninvited guest. She says it's a small python, which got on the boat somewhere between San Pedro, Rio Dulce, Belize City, and back to San Pedro. She brought it by for us to see, but I merely looked outside, while Renita followed her around and got these pictures.

She reminded us of Huckleberry Finn, with her pole and bucket. You can see the critter peeking over the side of the bucket.

A little closer shot

She took it across the street to La Isla, and all Mahmood could say was "No snakes in here, no snakes in here".....guess we now know how to get him to do what we want him to do!!

She introduces it to it's new home in an almond tree.....

He seems to curl right up on the branch

Wrapping himself around the trunk

Hiding out in the leaves..... run free little snake, run free and have fun!!!

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Mary M said...

See you got Mahmood to have a reaction to something.. funny I bet he freaked!