Monday, August 3, 2009

BTL Working NOT so much

The phone's not working Then I hear some cat calling from the open window near my desk I look out and I see BTL and think well at least they are working on it And I further think at least the electric working

Some time goes by I still hear the cat calling and phone still not working So I take another look

ONLY to see, they are NOT working The one sitting continues his babe or not so babe calling every female that goes down coconut drive while the other one eats peanuts I sigh & close the window

More time passes and still no phone, so I have to look again and What do I see Drinking and it's not even a Belikin ONLY in Belize

Now I understand the limited part on the logo ahhhhhh


Mysteryboy said...

Let's see if SP Daily picks this up!

Snook said...

I'm going to apply for a job with this company!! Looks like just my speed!