Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saturday Night at Costa Maya Festival

We arrived at the Costa Maya Festival on Saturday night around 7:00 pm. Working for Tammy at the Hummingbird Cafe booth. Fresh never frozen BAL shrimp in every imaginable combination you can think of. The party had barely started when we arrived and the doors were not opened to visitors for about an hour.

Entrance to the Festival was flanked by a giant Belikin marquee

And you thought cotton candy was made how? Well, here's the real way to make it.....

There's some kind of pink goo in the bucket to his right, which he throws into the giant metal bowl, and voila! he puts in a stick and pulls all the hairy looking pink stuff out.

The carnival rides in Belize travel at an extremely fast rate. I kept waiting to see bodies flinging off the rides as they sped around.....this pic is a flashback for Melanie......

Jeannie and Tammy's friend Dana behind the Hummingbird Cafe booth

The "worker's" table

Little beauty

Dixie and Faith go for a spin

They are spinning pretty high now

They survived!!!

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Anonymous said...

Reaper has nothing on these little dare devils, spinning around!