Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tropic Air San Pedro - Island Style

It was all glitz and glamour last night at the Grand Opening of the Tropic Air terminal here in San Pedro. The new facility is awesome, and the party was like a "Who's Who" of Belize.

Holiday Hotel provided the bar service, which, I might add was par excellance, and the wonderful food was done by none other than Amy Knox of Wild Mango's. Amy is an award winning chef, and last night's fare leaves no doubt as to why.

Guests were screened at the door, and a band played outside. The decorations rivaled anything I've ever seen here, and lots of other places as well.

The Prime Minister and First Lady of Belize were in attendance

The Tropic Air Family

Sir Barry and Lady Dixie chat with the Prime Minister

Up close with the fishies

Dick and Carole

Minister of Tourism & Aviation, Manuel "Junior" Heredia


Miss Celi gave a great background on little Johnny and his love of airplanes. While there were several speakers, they kept their speeches quite short, knowing that the party goers were there to see the facility, eat, and drink.....did I mention drink?

Johnny stuck to his word and gave a "painfully short" speech

CJ cuts the ribbon

It was a great party, and everyone worked very hard to make sure that the party was a success.....and it was!


Tiffany said...

this is the new airport??? OMG! It looks HUGE! Such an upgrade from the old one. WOW!

Guide to Belize said...

Great Pictures from a nice Airport.

Anonymous said...

Is Jet's bar still there? Please tell me it is...

Changes in Latitudes said...

THIS IS IN SAN yep I'm sure Jet is still in BZ International. We need a Jet here ....anyone applying must be short, loud and wear thick glasses...and know how to sell!!

Mary M said...

thanks for the update.. good to see you are on the list of who's who that got in. Can't wait to see it in person.

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