Thursday, July 30, 2009

Girl's Lunch

We had a girl's lunch with Shanley, Bindi, Erin, at Jeannie's house. It was so hot out you could literally fry an egg, and we were all smoking hot. Well, that too, but our body temperatures were definitely elevated.

In any event, we had a glorious day in the pool and even made ourselves a little lunch. I am pretty sure that we had a few cocktails as well.

She is so cute!!!

Erin, Jeannie and Shanley

Renita giving Bindi a ride around the pool

Renita and I in the kitchen for refills

That little face!!!

Auntie Ezza and Bindi


Bindi and Mommy

Bindi taking a nap...believe it or not she is sound asleep, having rolled off the mattress

From under the futon

She wakes up to Mommy and her friends laughing at her
But she wakes up happy!!

I'm gonna miss her!


guido said...

2nd alarm smokin'

Kristin Roberts said...

Oh my gosh, Bindi is SO ADORABLE!!! Her daddy's gonna have a hard time keeping the boys away!!!

Janet said...

I'm so glad your back with your blog. I love keeping track of San Padro happenings!!

Bindi is a darling!

Thanks for all the updates Cindy!

Love you!