Monday, November 24, 2008

Best Bloody Mary in San Pedro

The Best Bloody Mary in San Pedro

November 14, 2008 In order to ascertain who has the best Bloody Mary on the island, we form the Saucy Six and set out on a mission to find the best Bloody Mary on the island. Given that we had only one day, we were limited in the number of establishments we could visit in about six hours.Each drink was scored on the following criteria:

1. Presentation – Appearance 5 points2. Aroma – Smell 5 points3. Flavor 6 points4. Overall – does it make you want another? 4 points

The scores were tallied and the results are as follows:

Cholos $9.00 Overall score 13.4 / 20

Presentation 2.4/5 Aroma 3.5/5 Flavor 4.5/6 Overall 3/4

Oscar was our bartender. He was very pleasant and surprised to see six women coming into his bar in the middle of the afternoon! When we told him our mission, he immediately apologized for not having any olives or celery. He may have lost a few points on the presentation side, but his concoction was right up there at the top.

Fidos $14 Overall score 12.25/20

Presentation 2.4/5 Aroma 4.5/5 Flavor 2.92/6 Overall 3/4

Shaggy was behind the bar in Fidos when we arrived. It was around noon and kind of slow. He threatened to “look you up” if he didn’t win…sorry Shaggy, but still nice product!

There was a carrot down in the drink but you can’t see it in this picture…..One of the notes many of us wrote was that the two drinks weren’t consistent….they both tasted different

Playa Lounge $14 Overall score 13.08/20

Presentation 3.91/5 Aroma 3.75/5 Flavor 2.83/6 Overall 2.58/4

Trevor treated us to an awesome looking drink, and told us that they have a Bloody Mary buffet on Sundays, where you can mix your own and add your own condiments….. Most of us thought the drink itself was beautiful, but there was too much pickle juice in it for our tastes!

Tackle Box $12 Overall score 12.33/20

Presentation 3.75 Aroma 3.33/5 Flavor 2.75/6 Overall 2.33/4

Kevin greeted us when we arrived at the Tackle Box…with a smile as always….. The presentation was awesome and he brought us our own glasses for the tasting…

BC’s Beach Bar $10 Overall score 12.3/20

Presentation 2.25/5 Aroma 2.42/5 Flavor 4.2/6 Overall 3.6/4

Nora was behind the bar when we arrived and explained our mission. She mixed our drinks and set them on the bar. The drink looked good and smelled nice as well.

Blue Water Grill $13 Overall score 13.3/20

Presentation 3.1/5 Aroma 3.7/5 Flavor 4.2/6 Overall 3.2/4

Christian was tending bar when we arrived at the end of the lunch crowd. He mixed us up some tasty drinks

Estelles $12 Overall score 13.18/20Presentation 3.92/5 Aroma 3.0/5 Flavor 3.58/6 Overall 3.0/4Charles was bartending when we showed up. Having had a Bloody Mary there before, most of us knew what to expect. Just for the record, I waited tables and did not get tipped!!!

Wild Mangos $16 Overall score 13.91/20

Presentation 4.0/5 Aroma 3.42/5 Flavor 3.42/6 Overall 3.0/4

Novel was behind the bar at the end of his shift when we arrived…as you can tell by the score the drink was very pretty and we liked it!

Crazy Canucks $14 Overall score 11.83/20

Presentation 3.0 Aroma 2.83 Flavor 3.33/6 Overall 2.83/4

Ali was behind the bar and a little bit swamped as we arrived. By now it was nearly 6:00 pm. We liked his Bloody Marys and he told us they are having a special starting on Sundays with Bloody Marys garnished with three shrimp…we would have liked to taste those!!!

Final tallies Overall score winner Cholo’sPresentation Wild MangosAroma Playa LoungeFlavor CholosNext week… drink tasting….will your bar be on our list???


Sheryl said...

Yahoo to the saucy six! Fun to see the results and remember a great day. I'll keep you posted -- now that I'm back in Portland, I'll be forming a group here too . . we may start w/Portland's best lemon drop. . .

Miss you guys!


Snook said...

Thanks for conducting this important scientific research.....your efforts will undoubtably benefit all mankind (0r at least help us to decide where to go to cure a hangover!!)

See you soon!!!!