Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Annual San Pedro Sauce Off

The Robilios were in town, and that means it's time for BBQ. We had lots of help that morning from CBT, TG, ChunkyRuth, and more.

CBT started the chicken cooking around 8:00 am, using his favorite herbs and spices, and sat the chickens on a half a can of Belikin Stout. "Drunk Chicken"

The poor things looked so plain sitting there on their cans, (literally) on the grill, so I decided they needed some smiling faces, just to make them feel better. I tried to convince CBT that they needed tuxedos, but he drew the line at the faces.

After they cooked and cooled, ChunkyRuth, CBT and a host of others donned their plastic gloves and began taking the meat off the bones. CR had a rule that if anything dropped in her lap, she could eat it.....she only wished that she had thought to put some BBQ sauce in her lap prior to starting!!

Later that day, we met up again with Dita and Ed, and had a great time with them....They are just a hop and a skip from our homebase in the we'll have to go and see them next time we go back!

This year's winner, was CBT, although the tally was challenged, no one really cared! We raised $500 which went to a variety of charities on the island, some of which went to the 2008 Calendar Girls.......more on that later!

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