Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lobsterfest Festivities

Ok, ok, I am well aware that Lobsterfest was in JUNE.... I'm trying to play catch up here....I have important things to do here, like sun, shop, and eat bon bons, so no shit please about these being more than a month late!!!

The day of the block party for Lobsterfest, it rained off and on all day. Luckily, just before we left, the rain stopped and we had a great time!

Melanie and Ray

Mel wanted her hair braided so it didn't go all out Afro on her, Jeannie got it braided, but then Ray and I discovered that she looked just like Princess Leia!!

I think this was supposed to be some kind of lobster suit, but my suggestion would be if anyone brings you a green lobster, don't eat it!!

Frenchy and his woman

Our party table

Friends from Texas were here, Barb Kim and Isa....Isa couldn't take the excitement any longer!!

Various lobster attire

Casino booth

Kim, Isa, Bigs, and Barb

Fewer booths this year, bigger crowd!

Mitch's beau, above, and with Mitch, below. These glasses were prizes at the Casino booth

Working it at the Hummingbird booth

Jeannie, the dessert pusher

Doug, Dixie, Tammy

Suck it in, stick it out

It was a great night and lots of fun.....lots of great food and drinks too!!!

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