Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shell Searching...

.... is sort of like soul searching, but you put stuff in a bag when you shell search. We went to an isolated part of the island one day while Mel and Ray where here. They had a unity candle at the wedding for Ray's father, and now they wanted to find shells to fill it with. I think they got enough.

There are some moments in time, particularly with your kids, that you never forget. Looking at these pictures reminded me of the first time Melanie saw the ocean. She was a little over two, and when we crested the hill before the beach in Florida, all she could say was "BIG WATER". She went running for it and I have a picture of her standing there, with the biggest smile on her face, and you can tell in the photo that I am holding her shirt, so that she didn't run right in.

Thirty years, later, I don't have to hold her shirt anymore.

Kim and Isa

Isa is having a blast!

Must be something good down there she's trying to get

Barb and Isa

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