Wednesday, July 29, 2009

June Hijinks

After getting some hate mail and a few "comments" about my slacking in the blog department, I am on a whirlwind effort to catch up. It's not that we have been busy, we've just been busy.

Our friend Jane stayed with us between her trip home to the UK and her trip back to work on a yacht in the Bahamas.......we had a great time

Jane, Kellyn and Gypsy (note Kellyn is in charge of the beer)

Gypsy tries to learn to smoke
Kelly found great delight in playing "bartendress" by pouring beer in Jane's mouth

I think Kellyn has gotten Jane a little smashed!

"More beer, more beer!!!!"

I think this bottle is empty

This morning, we had a bloody Mary breakfast with the women, the little ones played in the pool

Jeannie, Renita, Jane, Shanley, Tammy and I breakfasting

Jeannie with Bindi

Jane and I at the smoker's table

Kellyn & Faith picked flowers for their moms

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