Friday, March 6, 2009

Australian Pizza

Brady, Shanley, and Erin invited us onboard The Nepenthe last night for "Australian Pizza". That's a joke in itself, because when Brady's mom was here we were at the boat one night and she said she was fixing "Australian Tacos". When we asked her what those were, she told us that they were just regulaar tacos, but she was Australian, so that made them "Australian Tacos".

The walk up the pier was quite interesting and I am sooooo sorry that I did not have the chip to the camera then. We were taking a duck puppet over to Bindi because the night before, she cackled when I played with it for her.

While we are walking up the pier, a gust of wind blew the puppet out of Renita's hand, and it went head over tail into the Sea. We stood and watched as the body of it started taking on water, while the head bobbed up and down in the Sea. I ran to the boat to find a long stick, but Renita wasn't waiting.....she walked into the Sea, with her jeans on no less, water up to her thighs, and rescued the poor little thing.

First she administered mouth to mouth resuscitation, then she did a few chest pounds on the poor thing...then she wrung it out. We hung it upside down on the boat to dry.

After she went home, changed her jeans, and brought back the camera chip, we were ready for our pizza!

Brady, Shanley and I on the boat

Brady was getting hungry, so he went in to start the pizza

He looks like he's done this before

Shanley comes in and tries to help

He assures her he knows what he's doing

Brady gets fancy on us

Putting on the good stuff!




Some of the best pizza ever!!!

Shanley and her sister Erin eating and talking on the boat.

Thanks guys....we'll be back for more!!

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