Sunday, March 8, 2009

The March Blow

"In like a lion, out like a lamb"....I can still remember the calendars from grade school where the beginning picture was of a ferocious cartoon lion, and by the end of the month of March, there was a picture of a sweet little lamb.

The saying originated early in the 1600's and some astrologers say that it has to do with the constellations Leo (the lion) and Aries (the lamb) and the way they are lined up during this time of year. In the norther US, it generally means that the harshness of winter will be replaced by semi-warm, longer, spring days.

In tropical climates, it is sometimes called the "March Blow" and starts with the lion some time before the full moon, with high winds, and starts turning into the lamb after the full moon. Here in San Pedro, it happens every year. The seas are rough, fishing and diving generally come to a standstill, and tour guides and fishermen use this time of year to drink and make babies.

I walked the beach this morning and took some shots of the waves breaking and the wind blowing. much better than ice and snow!!!!

Flags at Ramon's Village

Not exactly "surf", but fairly big for inside the reef


Kristin Roberts said...

I miss this place so much!!!!

guido said...

ditto K...

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