Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drumming to Cayo

The Drum Corp from the Isla Bonita Elementary School has been invited to take part in the Band Fest scheduled to take place in Cayo on April 4. They did a little parade route today trying to earn money for their trip. We were happy to oblige them. They are pretty awesome, and it's a real treat to hear them practicing after school and on the weekends, so it was great to have them stop and do their thing in front of our Inn today. Check them out on the video below....

I could hear them coming!

They are working hard

There's Brittany, our neighbor!!!

Check out their sound!! They rock!!!


Anonymous said...

I wanna hear the band but it only plays 1 second then times out. :-(


Changes in Latitudes said...


You must be in Belize.....sorry!

Anonymous said...

Nope but I wish I was, so I could partake in some of that Special Syrup I forgot to pickup ;-)