Sunday, March 1, 2009

San Pedro Sun Shining on US!

Today was a fun "day off" It started with a visit from Mary (under the napkin) and her sister-in-law who came by for breakfast. Mary is in charge of the cover story for next week's issue of the San Pedro Sun's Visitor be on the lookout for pictures of our place on the cover next week.

This is a great time of year for our bouganvilla

We were going to hitch a ride with Brady and Shanley over to St. George's Caye for the afternoon, but then something came up and Brady had to leave earlier than expected. We didn't want the day to go to waste, so we decided to head up to Captain Morgan's for lunch and some sun.

Waiting for the Island Ferry, we saw this group soaking up the sun

Does this piece of driftwood look like a giant sea monster to anyone but me?

Driving home along middle street

Travel and Tour Belize getting a new facelift from a local artist

When we got home, the sky turned a very strange color. Renita suggested that I go out and take some pictures while the light was so I did

These boats look like they are sitting in purple water...

This is a reflection off the sun setting....I'm looking northwest from the beach

Clouds look like water ripples

And then I was home!!!


Mary M said...

that first photo with the odd color sky looks like a painting.. very cool mary

Sheryl said...

Cooooooool pics! Love the colors! Can't wait to see 'em w/my own eyes again soon.

rump shaker said...

oh this makes me SAD because i was so HAPPY that day-i had just found out my flight home was cancelled for three more days!i'll be back and come see yall again-you were both so sweet!