Saturday, March 14, 2009

Unique Fishing

We spent an afternoon last week at Jeannie's pool. Tammy, Renita, Belinda, Tony and I, and a friend of Belinda and Tony's, named Jeff. Well, Jeff got a little careless and dropped his keys into the slats of the deck. Since there was no way to get under there, a little creativity had to be arranged.

Are they in there? Yep, yep. they are!

I can see them I can see them

Jeannie, in her infinite wisdom went into the house and brought back a fishing pole.

A successful catch!

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Jeannie drops her favorite bookmark through the slats on the other side of the pool

looking, looking, trying...


The second drop did not require a fishing pole. However, the next evening, we went over to the house with Tina and Curvin. Renita's keys fell behind the stove, and once again, another fishing expedition was successful!

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