Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Teeth

Just because we live on an island, doesn't mean that we don't have proper dental care. A few years ago, we started going to our friendly dentist on the island, Dr. Mark, to have our teeth cleaned and dental work done.

Dr. Mark and his wife Joan, not only operate what I think is the best dental clinic on the island, but they do great things for the island's population as well. Several times a year, they bring dentists from all over the world to spend a week in San Pedro, and the traveling dental troupe manages to see hundreds of schoolchildren each time. No doubt they have contributed to the dental health of most of the kids on the island.

Our first stop on our trip to the dentist is a visit to the Island Ferry, to buy our boat tickets

Not a bad commute, huh?

The walkway to the dentist's office

This office looks nothing like those offices you find in the US

Even the door made of Belizean hardwood seems happy to see you

There's Sara, helping out....and there's even magazines in the waiting room

They provide the gas, and the cool sunglasses

I can't feel a thing!

Time to go....the walk out of the office

Somebody forgot something!!!

And you also get a little goodie bag when you leave

Thanks Dr. Mark and Joan for many jobs well done!!!!


Anonymous said...

I need a dentist. Can you tell me how to find or contact Dr. Mark?

Changes in Latitudes said...

Leave me your email address and I'll send you his info

Snook said...

Ooooh you got the gas! They never do that here anymore! Just another reason to be in Belize...enjoyable dental appts. and just another reason to take a boat ride!

Anonymous said...

Here's my email address for contact infor for Dr. Mark. Thanks,