Monday, February 2, 2009

The Elberts Have Landed

The Elberts arrived successfully on Saturday, and, in true fashion, I have not had time (or the internet connection) to download these pictures. So, you Elberts out there reading this after you get home so you can remember what you did, here is a fairly accurate account, mas o menos.

Pat, Jeannie and I at the Sandbar...she wants Richard's "I Hate New England" t-shirt soooo bad!!!

Chris is attempting to knock coconuts down while the kids watch. I was anxiously awaiting the moment when I needed to rush one of them to the golf cart with a head injury!!!

Richard and Kelly, enjoying their hard work

Richard trying to impress this little girl with his coconut ripping technique

Can you tell he is having NO fun at all?

Jace climbs a tree

Kelly found her new treat.... Panty Rippas

Kids on the beach....anyone know what they are always looking for out there?

Chris learning the art of coconut cracking

Chad giving lessons

Ripping it apart

Kelly and the band were awesome as usual!

TJ and Ashley at the Sandbar

Smoking section at the Sandbar

Kelly and Chris at the Sandbar

Kelly McGuire

Chris on the pirate boat

Saturday night on the way home from dinner. Richard Neighborhood Watching (special photo for Terry & Teri)

Kelly and Chris at Hidden Treasure

The entire crew Saturday night after another great dinner at Hidden Treasure


Melanie said...

I am SOOOO jealous:(! Hope you all have a great time together. Love you and miss you!

Mary Mooney said...

I hate I missed the fun. I hope you had a few drinks for me. Chad is the next coconut Leo, watch out Leo.

Anitanother said...

Great pictures! The Elberts look like our kind of people... we'll have to coordinate our travel plans next year so that we can meet them.

amigo1 said...

I could do it all over again this week! Cindy and Renita are the VERY BEST hostesses. Our kids talked about coming back all the way home.
Jeannie - sorry i saw the ''I Hate New England'' T-shirt and tucked into my suitcase last minute. We will get one to you ASAP.
Counting the weeks until we see you again.