Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here's Looking at You

There's a great newcomer to the island who specializes in natural eyelashes. She puts them on one at a time, and they are made of human hair.

Having used "fake eyelashes" in the past, I was a little skeptical, until I saw Jeannie's, and they looked fabulous!

So today, I went in and had it done. It's amazing how natural they look and feel.

In order to get the procedure done, you have to take off all your mascara. Here's the before picture...(ok no comments about crow's feet or other wrinkles please!)

This is the after picture! Amazing what Kim can do in an hour and a half!

If you are interested, email Kim at mermaid_lashes@yahoo.com for an appointment!


Janet said...

So....how long do the lashes last? Does your after picture have any mascara at all? Also, are your eyes bloodshot in the after picture because you sipped cocktails for the entire hour and a half or because someone was messing with your eyes that long? Random questions from a random mind that always has 'follow-up' questions - just ask my kids!! Actually I think they look GREAT!

Changes in Latitudes said...

Well, randomly....you are too funny girl! They supposedly last for two months. I put mascara on my bottom lashes because they don't do those....and my eyes were bloodshot from having someone mess with my eyes for two hours...my contacts didn't like it much!!! It would be extremely difficult to sip anything when you are laying face up on a table with giant bright lights on!

Janet said...

Post another 'after' picture please!