Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tell Me You Love Me.......Again

Danielle and Erik, saying goodbye to Belize this morning

We all love romance, don't we?And watching romantic stories come to life right before your eyes, well, that's damn near as good as it gets! I knew this was going to be a special couple as soon as I got an email from Dani back in January. Here, in part, is what she wrote to me.

Hi Renita and Cindy,

I can't express to you how excited I am about this vacation. My husband Erik and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 22nd of this month, however, for the second conscutive year, we will be geographically separated. He is an officer with the Army and is currently serving his second tour overseas, but he will be back just a few short weeks before our trip. We are also expecting our second child in July which will make me about 20 weeks pregnant at the time. I guess you could call this a second "baby moon"

Well, once I read that, I made a note on the file to make sure there was champagne in their room when they arrived.

I had a chance to sit and chat with Erik the day they got in, and he told me some more of the story....(ok ladies, get out the box of tissues, you're gonna need them)

They caught each other's eye when they were around 12 or 13. He says he almost failed one of his classes because they were so busy passing notes back and forth to one another. After a couple of years, her family moved. Then, ten years later, he found her. They started dating again, and he proposed to her while they were skydiving. When he found out he was going to be deployed to Iraq, the ended up getting married about six weeks before he left. When he left she was pregnant with their son, Miko, who is now 16 months old. He was overseas when the first baby was born but he will be able to be here for the current baby.

In the course of the conversation, he told me that he wanted to renew their wedding vows. Apparently, at some point they had said that they would get married on every continent. When she suggested getting married in Belize, he threw her off by telling her that it was still North America....yet he wanted this to be a surprise to her. The really difficult part was that he wanted to get married on the lagoon side, at sunset.

I contacted Dulce, he told her they were going to have their photos taken for a magazine. We racked our brains until one afternoon Jeannie said, "Why don't you do it on my rooftop?" You can see both the Sea and the lagoon, and a perfect spot for a sunset view. Eiden was available Thursday at 5, and we were off.

The pictures below are not in order, try as I might to figure out how to move all these around.....but you will definitely get a good feel for how the ceremony went. Thanks Renita for taking the pictures and the video!

Dani thinks she's going to a photo shoot on the rooftop

Decorations up

Saying their vows

Cake by Hummingbird, flowers by Dulce

A toast

Erik, Dani, Eiden

Jeannie, I, Erik, Dani, and Dulce

I love you all over again!

Erik and Danielle, most joyous wishes from San Pedro. We can't wait to see pictures of your new little one! Be safe, be happy, love each other.

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