Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday Tacos at Wet Willies

Taco Tuesday at Wet Willies was a great way to say goodbye to four of our friends leaving the island the next day.

Dennis, Sherry, and Dan made great music, and Gary and Conrad filled in on their breaks. There was a houseful there, and we had lots and lots of fun, which, I might add, took a half a day to recover from....don't you people know we are usually in bed by 8:00 pm???

Aw hell, it was way worth it. See you all next time, or maybe hefore!

Pammy was shakin it up on the dance floor

Renita and I and the Trumpets

Steve and I...hey, we're doing a version of the crab dance!

Bertha was there

Ken and Mel

Steve playing his air guitar

That pirate was dancing with all the women!

Mel, Ken, Pam, and Steve

The Trumpets nearly killed her!

Steve and I

Garrick was playing waiter, bartender, and a couple of other things


The Usual Suspects rock on


Carbunkle Trumpet said...

A good time was had by all that night but you didn't recover till noon the next day?

pammypeanuts said...

That was my new dance, the seizure.

Anitanother said...

Looks like fun... I miss taco tuesdays!

Snook said...

Hey there's Conrad!! I'm one of his fans....that man can play a guitar!!