Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sailing Away from the Madness

I stole the title from one of my favorite Kelly McGuire songs. And there's no "madness" here to sail away from, but it sure was a great day on the water!!!

The night before, we got a visit from the crew...

Sammy Walnuts, taking it easy on the cart

Now there's trouble right there!

Renita got a free hat from a traveling basket salesman. My little leprechaun!

Next morning, time to sail!
We started this trip three years ago, and every time the Peckham crew hits the island, it's time to sail....

Willie and Daniel, heading out

It don't get much better

Sammy, headed out

Ryan, headed out

Pam Steve, and Rebacca, headed out

Snorkel stop! Three mermaids

Diane snorkeling

Patty snorkels away

Ryan overboard!!!

Patty and Ramon newly engaged!

Renita snorkeling

Sammy looks like he might be thinking, and that could be dangerous!

Pam and Steve at Capricorn

The whole boatload at Capricorn

Diane wrestling Ramon

Steve in the hole

Willie working

Sammy and I

Shake shake shake!

Another heron

Sammy and Steve plotting on the boat

Rebecca and Ryan


Bye Willie

Please don't tell Steve he's not a pirate!!!

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amigo1 said...

i am so jealous! It looks so ''hot'' and sunny.