Thursday, February 5, 2009

Northern Exposure

It had been four years since the Elberts had ventured north of the bridge, and they decided that they wanted to have a few drinks. We headed out in our golf cart, with the Elberts in the Limo, and headed north.

We managed to get the Elbert family's 2009 Christmas card shot!

TJ and Ashley at the pool



Kelly the Mermaid

Kelly and Chris in the pool

On the beach near the Palapa Bar

Skinny Rena

TJ and Ashley

Kelly and Chris

Sunsuckers sitting on cart

The pool at Ak'bol

Richard, once again, having no fun

The night before, Kelly & Chris size up their Beer Pong opponents

Writing on the wall at the Palapa Bar

Beer Pong at Pedro's Inn

Kelly and Ashley

Why does the Blue Heron cross the road?

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scarlett0428 said...

i LOVE the xmas card shot!! great pics!