Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Norm is here. We meet sooooo many people in the course of our daily lives here. Norm is a February staple on the island. Norm has been coming to San Pedro for 30 years. He's been staying with us since the Hideaway Hotel closed several years ago. Norm has lived around 80 years in Madison, Indiana,...right near the Kentucky border. Norm calls us every year on Christmas day and on Easter. He is a fine man. No internet, no email. He uses the old fashioned telephone.

I'll never forget the first time Norm came to stay with us. On his last day here, I walked into the kitchen and he was struggling with his backpack. I asked him if he needed help getting his second arm in. When I went behind him to help him, I realized that the reason he was having so much trouble was that his backpack was loaded down with Belikin beers. He told me he needed to go and say goodbye to his friends. After I helped him get the backpack on, he sort of leaned backward from the weight of the backpack and jingle jangled his way down the beach.

Last year Norm wanted to skydive. Since he had recently had heart surgery, they wouldn't let him. This year, he asked his doctor to fax a letter to the Tsunami office to give him the go ahead. I'm not sure if he will skydive this year or not, but he is getting a start. He went parasailing with some of his friends. We love you Norm!!!!

He's on the back of the boat getting ready

On his way up

He's getting higher

You are flying over the Caribbean Norm!!!


Melanie said...

What an inspiration...You go Norm!!

divingcowgirltexas said...

Hey guys! I have a really cute story of Norm. Walking back from Pedo's one evening I met Norm in front of what was the Belikin distribution plant on his way to CNL.. I had met him earlier at BC's so I knew his name. I said, "evening Norm". and he said "evening".. I wound up walking with him back to the gate of CNL. I enjoyed our talk on the way back to CNL. Norm, no matter where you are, I think of you from time to time, and pray that you are doing well. I hope to see you again in SP some February. ~Spurs~