Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Day at the Beach, er... Sandbar

On Sundays, we try to "clock out" around 11:00 for some free time. Today, we decided we wanted to spend some time soaking up the glorious sunshine on the beach. Trying to decide where to go, we realized we had tickets to drop off down south for the February 2nd Kelly McGuire "Concert on the Reef"

Since we had to stop at the Sandbar anyway, we thought it would be a great day to sit on the beach by the pool and relax.

What we didn't know, was that the SACNW was having a painting party there today. They were setting up as we arrived. Loads of signs outlined on pieces of plywood, ready for the kids to start painting, for posting around the neighborhood.

Signs are on the picnic tables, which have wisely been covered by plastic!

Trash goes in the can, man!

Some last minute arranging of the supplies

Here come the kids, ready to do their "dirty" work!

These kids were serious about staying inside the lines

After the painting was done, some of the kids decided to go fish hunting

The one that got away

The finished products

Kudos to the SACNW for their efforts, and especially to all the budding artists that painted the signs. Sometimes the best afternoons are built on surprises!

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