Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Day

New Year's Day started out overcast and started to rain. We had planned a trip to go with Tammy and Jim, Faith, Bryce, Chad, Robert and his squeeze, and Ann along with the Terry Clan on a boat trip to St. George's Caye. We got to the pier early, and waited it out in the rain until they arrived.

The kids had breakfast.....

Terry pouring Bloody Shots on the golf cart while we waited

The Town Council trash truck pulled up on the beach in front of Cholos where we were waiting, and took a little break. Everyone knows that in San Pedro, when it rains, you take a break.Town council worker relieving himself on the side of the truck. For video of the workers' break, click here.

The rain finally stopped and while we did go all the way to the Caye, the bars were closed, so we anchored out on a sandbar just off the island.

Terry and Chad on the bow

Chad and Faith

Tammy and Ann in the back

Chad skipping on the sandbar

Lots of boats and people showed up

Faith on the sandbar

Chad gets ready to set our anchor

More boats and more people

We stopped at the Lazy Lizard at the cut on Caye Caulker

Teri found a perfect spot on the sandbar........... perform...................a cartwheel

Tammy and Bryce

Bryce (above) and Robert (below) were warriors. To see extremely funny video of their warrior antics, click here and here.

Great weather, great people, great food, great fun! A perfect way to start the New Year.


Ruthie said...

Okay...exactly how many Terri/Teri/Terry's are there??? Include the jrs too!

Changes in Latitudes said...

There's the dad, Terry Mackey, and his son, Terry Mackey. Dad's wife is Theresa, but is called Terri, and the son's wife is named Teri. Four in all....Now if Teri's mom would have been here, there would have been five! They had a great time on the way down with the airport personnel!

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Ah the 4T's that you refered to, now I get it! Yep that Lazy Lizard is a good place to have a cold one. Thankfully our New Years day was a nice was as well but we didn't get in the water with the polar bears.

tacogirl said...

Love the sandbar pics