Thursday, January 1, 2009

Now you know the Rest of the Story

The rest of my trip was fast, but extremely fulfilling. I am too lazy to organize all the photos, so I have put the captions and where they were underneath. It was a great present and I am so glad I went to see some people that I normally don't see this time of year, despite the frostbite!

On Tuesday, I went over to my friend Janet's house. She was making a gazing ball for her mom for Christmas. Apparently the lightweight ones kept blowing off and breaking, so Janet was making one for her with a bowling ball, liquid nails, and colored stones. She was so excited that she got the bowling ball at Goodwill for $4.50. She even plugged the finger holes with wine corks!

While she was working on the gazing ball, she was busy making Christmas candy Bellybuttons!

The night before I left, above and below. Mike, Ann and Janet making an attempt at dancing.

I never said my friends were sane, actually, they probably can't be and still be my friends. For a great video of this night, look here.

I went shopping and made Christmas candy with my two little elves, Keegan and Brittanie on Christmas Eve. Above is our attempt at Bellybuttons.

This was our attempt at making candy called Snowman Poop. Needless to say, they really enjoyed that one!

Ann and Mike's dining was so festive. I had dinner with them there on Christmas Eve.

Mikey and a shirt that says it all

Fireplace at Ann & Mikes....I needed it to warm up my feet!

Mike giving Jason (Kristin's boyfriend) some words of wisdom no doubt!

Janet and Ann try it on their own!

Mike with his MEET ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE t-shirt giving more advice to Ray (Melanie's boyfriend)

Brittanie my granddaughter with some crazy light up sunglasses on

Around noon on Christmas day, I showed up unexpectedly at Renita's dad Don's house. He was surprised to see me!

More pictures of Mike and Ann's dining room. In the cabinet below, they had arranged all kinds of Christmas ornaments, some from their childhoods

Kristin at the party on Friday night

Pam at the party

My daughter Melanie, and Ray at the party

Pam and her hubby Dave at the party

Melanie, Kristin and Jason guarding the food.

Mike, Ann and Janet...yes, she is really awake it just looks like she's passed out.

My two little elves from the candy making on Christmas Eve...Keegan (Ray's son) above, and my granddaughter, Brittanie below.

Hardworking elves making Christmas candy!

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