Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Nights and One Day

Damn, it's nearly time for the T4's to leave us and we only have two nights and one more day with them. Momma T and Daddy T took a trip to Lamanai on an adventure during the day on Sunday. Here they are recovering from their trip!

Momma T brought back 3 bottles of wine from Bomba

The next day, they were going on a sailing and snorkeling trip to Caye Caulker. Since we couldn't leave as early as they did, we took the water taxi over and beat them there. Here they are coming off the Escape, and walking up to shore.

Waiting for four Mackeys

There were three or four pelicans eating lunch out by the shoreline, and Renita tried to stir them up.

Seagulls on a beat up dock

Terry looks right at home in his old blue chair

He decides that instead of walking to the next pier, he will scare up the seagulls and swim over to the Escape

Uh oh, too shallow to dive in......

Back on the boat, we headed back to San Pedro

Momma Mackey enjoying the views on the trip home

Terry and Teri

Ah ha! Gotcha!

Teri having fun on the way back

Daddy Mac takes a snooze, and Terry looks for mermaids

The ever so pleasant bartender

Sails full, we're headed home...........

We arrived at our destination

Mac Daddy on the sail home

Our waitress even got in on the hat action!

Hat party at the Sunset Grill

Momma and Daddy Mac enjoying their dinners


Watching the tarpon feeding

At the last morning breakfast

We had so much fun with you four crazy people.....can't wait to see you again!

1 comment:

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

3 points to this entry;
1 - I can hear Renita telling the birds "ok birds lets get going now, fly birds, fly birds, just don't poop on me!"
2 - I think the Trumpets need to meet the 2 T's, they look like 'our kind of people'!
3 - I can so feel the pain that is being shown over the last breakfast, you will see the same look from me on my last day!

Great Post, see you soon! :)