Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wishing on a Willy

Ok, not really. You don't "wish" on them, you try and avoid them if you can. Wish Willies are interesting critters. They either are or are related to the grey iquana, although we have had a few green ones in our yard. They range in size from about 4 inches (excluding their long tails) to about 14 inches.......

This guy is up on a pedestal

Hanging out on the rocks

It's getting close to mating season, and our Alpha male, Bubba, struts around the yard and challenges all the other males for the girls in his harem. This can sometimes lead to pretty ugly fights, above, and below.

We have several "regulars" in our yard, and they all have names. This one is named Elvis, and he looks like he's posing.

Bubba Jr. sticking out his tongue

This is Les, handsome devil isn't he?

They love to eat flowers, papaya, chicken skin and bologna. They are'nt very picky

They are also masters of deception. Can you see the wish willy in the photo above?

There he is chowing down on some bouganvilla flowers.....

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Mary Mooney said...

Keep us posted on how the wishing willy match making goes. I would love to see Elvis have a girl friend.