Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter is a World Away

I got some emails today from Janet and Rena, with pictures of the winter wonderland that has been hitting the Midwest the last couple of days. It looks very pretty in the pictures, but I sure don't miss it.

We had sunny skies and 86 degrees today here in San Pedro, (but to be fair, it's the ONLY decent day in a week save last Sunday), and half a world away, they are covered in a blanket of snow.

Postman, beware!

It looks so cold!

No Diving!


Like waifs in the wind


Janet said...

I want to go sledding!!!

Melanie said...

I should have taken some pictures of the 20 different times I got stuck in my car in the snow. No fun at all! Enjoy the weather there in beautiful San Pedro!

Anonymous said...

Get all that rain & clouds out of your system! The February invasion is about to begin and we want S,S and S!

Oh, adn some Buttered Rum maple syrup!!


Kristin Roberts said...

Just for the record, this STILL SUCKS!!!!!!