Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here Come the Elberts

Rena, Richard, TJ, Ashley, Kelly and Chris are, I suspect all hunkered down in Columbus Indiana tonight, trying to stay warm and out of the 12 inches of snow that has been dumped there in the last few days..... but tomorrow, they will get in the car and drive to Cincinnati, where they'll get on the plane Saturday morning, headed for San Pedro.

We are so excited to have them coming down!!

Richard, Kelly, Rena, Ashley, and TJ (I don't have a picture of Chris) Fine looking family, aren't they?

Rena and Richard at TJ and Ashley's wedding

Ashley and TJ

Now, this is where it starts getting a little scary, here's Richard, driving a boat last year when we were at Dale Hollow.

Here's Rena blowing the whistle on Richard. He tends to drive a little, well, let's just say, "fast", and leave it at that.

Richard has a hobby. He and a couple of other guys do The Legends of Rock and Roll, for fun, mind you....and they are damned good at it.

Richard as Elton John

Richard dressed as Cher

Oh, and he can do a mean moon walk too. So if you see a six seater golf cart in San Pedro next week, with a guy driving, well, a little fast, three hot chicks and two guys hanging on for dear life, well that would be the Elberts. Say hi, they're real nice people!

And if the driver happens to be wearing size 11 pumps and a feather boa, think nothing of it!

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