Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birds and Chops

By now, most of you have read Tacogirl's blog and ChunkyRuth's blog about the lamb chop bar-b-que we had last Sunday. Dealing with Bad Santa took a while, so I'm just now putting up my post about the day.

This child was "chilling out" literally in the Sea while we were watching Chunky and Ruth cook!

Renita wore her special Christmas pin for the event

Shunning lamb chops, this bird waits for his lunch to swim by in the water in front of Chunky and Ruth's place.

You saw the pictures of everyone (except Chunky and Ruth of course) lounging on the chairs on the beach. This is the view from there! One of the days where the sea and the sky are nearly the same color.
Our hosts, working away on grilled pineapple

Video of hummingbird at their feeder.....

....and one more from Harry Taplin

Advent photo from Harry Taplin for December 16,2008
Blue, to Add Color to Your Winter
Chelmsford, MA 2008


Ruthie said...

Oh my gosh...the video is great! I just might steal it...

Changes in Latitudes said...

Feel free Ruthie!