Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Storm delays Advent Photos

I received an email with several Advent photos from Harry Taplin this morning.

"Advent photos have been delayed because of an ice storm that hit the New England area late Thursday and into Friday. I lost power sometime in the early morning hours of Friday. Power was not restored until Sunday afternoon. I managed to spend a considerable amount of time in the library and local bookstores. Sleeping was a little chilly - although I had a nice warm quilt and a sleeping bag on top of that. No hot water meant brief sponge washing, and no shower! Advent photo for Friday, December 12 is of what is reputed to be the most photographed farm in America. It's a great place for photographers, even if one does have to get up very early in the morning to make it to Vermont by daybreak"... Harry

Advent Photo for December 12
Jenne Farm, Reading Vermont

Advent photo 14 for Saturday, December 13

"While I was out photographing ice-coated branches, my neighbor beckoned me to notice something in the branches overhead. Fortunately, indicating that I should be very quiet - and I stopped before scaring off the hawk. Although I was able to get a few photos, it was more important to stop the camera work and do nothing but watch the hawk for several minutes. Many thanks to my neighbor."

Advent photos above and below for Sunday, December 14
Above, looking out to the ice

Ice crusted tree

The beauties of mother nature

Advent photo for Monday, December 15
Map of Some Distant Galaxy
Tour bus on the way to Pompeii, July, 2008

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