Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

Today was an interesting day. Now, a few weeks ago, my oven blew up. I wasn't hurt but the stove blew away from the wall about six inches, the sink blew out of the countertop and moved a couple inches south, and all the cabinet doors blew out. Got it fixed, kept using the oven and the stove.

This morning I turned the stove top on to cook some bacon. All of a sudden there was a bigger fire than the fire ball that the wicked witch throws out on the Wizard of Oz........and within a few seconds, flames were shooting out from under the sink.....

I think I'll have to trash this basket but what made me the maddest was that it burned one of my dish scrubber refills to a crisp...now I'm not sure if you can buy them anywhere on the island (which I dont think you can) but if you could they would probably cost about $10 apiece.

So.......I called the local butane company to see if I had a leak. They said they would send someone over in a half hour. Two hours later, and fifteen minutes before lunchti
me, Ronald showed up. Now Ronald seemed to know what he was doing and found a leaking connection under one of the burners. He explained to me that he had one at home so when he went to lunch, he would get it and come back and fix it. Ok. Right. See you later.

A couple hours later Ronald appeared, part in hand. While he fixed the stove he related to me several sto
ries about burns he had received while fixing gas stoves. (Note to Ronald....probably not the kind of thing you want to tell people while you are in the middle of taking their stove apart)

After he assured me by running the giant lighter all over the gas bomb stove that it would not leak again....he gave me his business card.

Now you can see that it is much smaller than your run of the mill card, I suppose the reason is that way you can find it right off! Note that there is a picture on there of a stove...which I have already explained....but then there's th
e "choco" and "banana" which I have absolutely no idea about....and apparently he's also a DJ...so if any of you need chocolate, bananas, a DJ or stove repair, Ronald is your man.

Lunch at Caliente today. Ran into Pam (Indygal) and her hubby. They were eating lunch and playing backgammon. When they left, she came over and asked me how I got vitamins here on the island. Well, a couple of years ago, Vicki C
ampbell gave me the number of a lady over in Belize City who has a small shop in the corner of her husband's mechanic shop. (Note that this doesn't seem odd after hearing about Ronald's many talents)

You would never find this woman in the Belize phone book. The entire book is just 9/16" thick...for the entire country. The yellow pages section is about 3/16" thick, and there is only one listing under Health Food Stores, in a place I don't recognize. You would never find this woman in any Belize phone book.

I got an email from Pam this afternoon and the woman in Belize City had everything she needed.....I love the coconut telegraph, and I'll be sure to add Ronald's name to my listings.


tacogirl said...
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tacogirl said...

Ronald is not the first person I have heard who has checked for gas leaks using a lighter. Too funny you posted pic of bag.

Shows I removed first comment, I did not realize you could do that on someone elses blog (delete your own comments) so I had to try it ha ha.