Monday, December 8, 2008

Trip to the City

Today, we had to go to Belize City. Renita needed to get her glasses checked as she got a pair back in August but they didn't seem to be working. So after we got to the city, we dropped her off at Hoy Eye Clinic and headed to the streets.....

While we were waiting for the glasses to be fixed, we decided to do a little shopping at Mirab....That tree is huge!

If there really is a party in every bag, wouldn't everyone have one???

Had our minds made up to go to the Riverside Tavern for lunch, but discovered it was closed on Mondays. We decided to go to Chon Saan Palace for is the welcoming committee!

Lunch was excellent, as it is hard to get good Chinese food on the island, we picked up a menu. For a couple dollars taxi trip, you can order and have a taxi driver bring the order to Tropic for "fly in delivery" Renita is practicing her Walrus impression.

After lunch, we walked around in front of the Palace, waiting for our taxi driver to come back for us....he had all our goods stashed in his van!Some holiday decorations across the street from Chon Saan Palace....I'm pretty sure the barbed wire isn't part of the decor.

Fido, our trusty taxi driver appears ready to take us on another mission

We had to make a couple more at Hofius, and also at Brodies.
One last stop on our way to the airport to pick up Renita's glasses...don't they look good!

We got into a little eight seater, and I got designated to sit in the copilot seat

This was what I saw on the way back....I think I figured out what some of those controls are for.....

I had no room for a nap, like this girl, but was sure ready for one by the time we got on the plane!

Some views on the way back home. It was a good trip and we got some great bargains....but early bedtime was in's busy over there!!!

Tomorrow - Belize City TaxiCam and Tropic FlightCam!


Ruthie said...

Love the new specs Renita!

Sheryl said...

Fly in delivery??? REALLY? Island life just gets better and better, doesn't it! Funny. And great new specs Renita! So do I need to come back so you can see me clearly now? ;)

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

So if you can get delivery to the island can I get French Toast and that wonderful Hot Buttered Rum Syrup up here?
Good looking specs Renita, thank goodness they aren't S. Palinish.