Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shout out to Annie Bananie, the birthday girl!

This is a happy birthday blog to my friend Ann....she's holding on to me after I took a spill or two at her house last summer.

I am really lucky.....there are six of us, and we call ourselves the Fab Five. Now you may wonder if we are mathematically challenged, but the theory is that each of the six of us has five fabulous friends!

We have all known one another for over 30 years. And, believe it or not, we all still like each other, and actually spend time together, and really have fun when we do.

Heres a picture of five of us (the sixth couldn't make it) upon their initial arrival into Belize at International Airport. Ann is the birthday girl with the ribbon...then there's Janet, Pam, me and Maureen.....don't we look special?

Not that kind of special.....I know what you were thinking!!!

Here we all are, dancing the night away with Renita at my fab five fabulous birthday party in 2007

You'll recognize this tree next to the Bowen compound on the beach.....

We've all decided that one of the reasons we all get along so well is because you just can't BS someone who knew you when you stuffed your bra with socks or just aint happening!

Here we are, in 2007 under the thatch at Pook's Hill.....we were giving Renita the Harlow Hickenlooper Happy Birthday song.......So, here, now just for you Annie, is the link to the song. You'll just have to imagine what it used to look like when he got hit in the head with the pie!!!!

Enjoy your party............I'll expect to see some photos with me in them!!!

Love ya!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wish for me on your blog. I love my five fabulous friends.
Love to all of you, Annie