Friday, December 5, 2008

Remarkable photos of Harry Taplin

We are blessed to meet some extremely nice and interesting people every year. Some of them are people moving to San Pedro, some of them are vacationers, and some are people who are just passing through. Some people leave an indelible impression and their spirits remain with us even after they leave. One such example is Harry Taplin. We had a chance a few years ago to meet Elizabeth and her son PJ. They lived in San Pedro for a while, and her stepfather, Harry, came to visit and stayed with us at our Inn. He was an extremely interesting man, and a remarkable photographer.

This is a photograph of PJ, Elizabeth, and Harry when Harry was in San Pedro. Every year, Harry sends via email, some of his photographs as an Advent Calendar. A different photograph for every day of the Advent. Here is a sample of his work, the ones we have received so far this year.

December 1, "Cycling through the cycle of time"

Photo for December 2 "All Season Wrapping", building facade, Alicante, Spain, July 2008

December 3 "Garrison Meadows", Chelmsford, MA, November 2008

December 4, "Plymouth, Massachusetts", December, 2008

December 5, "Relaxation, if only in the imagination", Belize, 2005

Thanks Harry, looking forward to seeing the rest of the calendar.

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