Friday, December 5, 2008

The End of an Era

Today, was an end of an era. I will try to tell this sad story in a way that will make you understand.

This is a photograph taken with two of Renita's oldest and dearest friends.....Fay, (actually her name's really Wilma, but ever since she arrived for a visit to San Pedro the same day as her namesake storm a few years ago, we don't mention that) is on the left, then Renita, me, and then Rena. We spend Labor Day weekend with these gals, their significant others, and a variety of other folks making our party dent in Dale Hollow Lake. Fay and Rena came down sans partners last June and we had a blast. They happened to come during Lobsterfest!

This is a shot of the two of them at Wet Willies on Taco Tuesday...oh I guess I am in there too....( I keep wanting to get one of those fuzzy face icons to put over my face...anybody know where to get one?)

Our friends take care of us. Rena not only lugged down her own suitcase, with a broken foot mind you....but she brought down some little (well most of them were little) surprises for us! I'm not sure how she knew how much Velveeta cheese costs here, but she said that she was shopping before she came down here and saw Velveeta cheese on sale in the store. She brought seven pounds.

Have you ever held seven pounds of Velveeta cheese? It's pretty darn heavy. And it doesn't take up much room, so she had lots of other stuff in that suitcase to lug around too....that girl is a trooper!

Well, we ate the cheese, and ate the cheese, and took a pound out on Ocean Dreams in July when we sailed to Rio Dulce, and ate more cheese. And today, the inevitable happened. We got to the end of the cheese. The last bit. Seven pounds later.

The true end of an era.....portrayed sadly in the photos below. We are in a mourning process around here over Velveeta cheese.

So, we found the words to this song to try and cheer ourselves up. We thought that we would make it special for Rena though, and took a little liberty with the lyrics below.

There's no single cheese like Velveeta,
'Cause Velveeta is more than one single cheese,
There's no better friend than Rena,
Who brought us seven pounds of cheese,
One great slice that's especially nice,
For making grilled cheese with ease,
It takes cheddar and swiss and blends them just right,
To make Velveeta a creamy delight,
Velveeta really knows how to please,
It takes so great,
You can't stand to wait,
Velveeta is a creamy delight!


tacogirl said...

Too funny - I was just admiring our peanut butter stash today and can totally relate.

Ruthie said...

You crack me up!

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Oh that is too good! Here I am bracing myself for bad news and then this!
Good one!

Changes in Latitudes said...


amigo1 said...

As I began to read, I though "what the heck?" They are dumping me and Fay for their newfound island friend. Than as I read on, I had to laugh. You are too funny.

Renita, if you don't win your bet in December, we can blame it on the cheese. And I will bring celery next visit.

Can't wait to hang out in your latitude!! smooches