Monday, December 29, 2008

My Great Christmas Adventure Part Three

If you have not read the first two posts on this subject, please read them first!

On the plane to Charlotte, I slept like a rock. I had no idea how much time had passed but woke up only when the annoucnement came on to put your seat backs upright and your tables back up. I had never taken mine down, so no problem there. I needed to get to immigration and find my bags, clear customs and make it to my next gate.....I would be in Indianapolis by 6:00 pm. Except for one thing. Each time I spoke with Renita, she had not talked to Ronnie yet. I still didn't have a ride from the Indianapolis airport to the house. I didn't have any minutes on my US phone, and of course no where or time to buy them in Charlotte. Luckily, the Charlotte airport has free internet all over.

I was able to get online with her and let her know that I had made it to Charlotte, and find out that she had not been able to contact him yet. Hmmm that meant take a taxi from the Indianapolis airport to the Alice in Wonderland house. I ran outside in Charlotte to grab a quick cigarette, but turned around as soon as the door opened. The pilot had said that the temperature was 34 degrees. I think he was lying. It was frigid. I saw eskimos in the parking lot.

The trip from Charlotte to Indianapolis was a little over an hour and uneventful. I dozed off and on. This would be the first time I saw the new and improved Indianapolis airport. What a sight it was. It closely resembles something that the set directors of the Jetsons would have built during an acid trip. And it is HUGE! Many floors, many buildings, many terminals, and many of whatever else they have at airports, oh and not one sign. Nice. Did I mention that it was HUGE?

I must have walked a mile just to get my luggage. After that, I managed to find the postage stamp sized signs that said "Taxi". Following these miniature signs took another half hour. Then I step out into 9 degree weather. That's right, farenheit. 9 degrees. I was wearing my warmest San Pedro sweatshirt and Crocs with socks. When I got out there, not a taxi in sight, just regular people dropping off other people. Not good. I strained my eyes for something that resembled a taxi. No luck. Again, dragging my luggage back inside and followed another set of miniscule signs saying "Ground Transportation" I figured maybe the rental car companies would know where the real taxi area was. Twenty minutes later and a walk outside that seemed like houres...did I mention it was NINE FREAKING DEGREES? After standing in line at the only rental car company open for ten minutes, the nice man behind the counter informed me that the taxi stand was (swooping arm movement), "way over there". Great. Luggage, I have determined has it's name from being lugged around. Again, to another building and outside again.

A short peek outside and I see a giant pole with a sign and a little light that says "Taxi". I am thrilled. The little sign says "if this light is not lit, push for taxi". I push the button with a finger that I am sure is frostbitten. It lights up, then goes out. I push it again. Immediatly a taxi pulls up. I ask the taxi driver if he knows where Garfield Park is. "No". Great. About the same time, another taxi pulls up. I yell at him, "Do you know where Garfield Park is". He yells back, "DID YOU PUSH THE BUTTON TWICE?" I yell back, "Do you know where Garfield Park is?" He yells back, "YOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO PUSH THE BUTTON ONCE". I am not in a mood to have this conversation with someone that I know and like, much less this taxi driver. I ask the first guy if he knows where a nearby intersection is. He confirms. Fearing that my toes will fall off any minute, I jump in and take my chances.

He takes me to the house ($40 US later), and luckily there is a giant scary looking Santa in the yard next door so that he knows where to park. I get out with my LUGGAGE again and drag it up the sidewalk through a six inch carpet of leaves from the neighbors yard.

I made it.

Next, what happens when I get there?

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