Sunday, December 7, 2008

San Pedro Christmas season begins

Here in San Pedro, we don't really mark Christmas season by the Friday after Thanksgiving, like some people do, or by the day after Halloween, when mega stores begin lining their shelves with Christmas paraphernalia, but rather by the weekend of the Lighted Boat Parade.

On Friday night, we went to dinner with our friend Mary, and Kris and Jason who were having their "last supper" in San Pedro before heading back to the US on Saturday morning.

Saturday night was the Lighted Boat Parade. This year is the third year for it, and it has grown into quite a professional event.

Last year, we decorated a boat and won first prize in our division, as well as "Most Creative". We thought it best to bow out gracefully as winners, and this year, just took in the sights!

Enroute to viewing the boats, on our way into town, this little girl is unconcerned with boats, but has devoted all of her energy into making sand castles in front of BC's on the beach.

Formidable snorkel guide mans his post in front of Searious Adventures!

Friday night in front of Wild Mango's restaurant...wanna buy some wood little girl?

Mary in front of Blue Water Grill palm trees

Banana Chimichanga from Wild Mango's....oh don't worry, you don't like this kind!
Two now, these miniature architects get some help from a big person
Not everyone was heading to the Boat Parade festivities....this man had a boat to paint.

Eileen and Dan from Dande's, spotted on the beach. They said they were heading back to work, but we suspected otherwise!

Jason, Kris, Renita and I in front of the lighted palms in front of Blue Water Grill.
This one is for the Fab Five. Hear, See and Speak no evil..Below are some videos from the boat parade......pretty awesome stuff!

Catching a marlin

Pretty little boat

Santa goes sailing

Two boats

Be sure to check out TNT's new blog on their life and times in a little slice of paradise called Ojai


Sheryl said...

Thanks for sharing the night w/us -- loved the walk down the beach and all . . .but made me miss you guys! Boat parade happening in Portland this week too . . but ya gotta rug up to stay warm and dry. Ok, well, actually, I go to a favorite bar and drink warm cocktails while looking out the window at the boats. . .does that still count?

Enjoy the holiday cheer ladies! Miss you.

guido said...

Hi ladies,
Just wishing you happy holidaze for the season. You would have loved the BD party for annie. Our koala fell out of the tree,layed on the floor and just giggled. You never can figure out what goes through a koala's mind. The fab's have your pictures and I must say orange is not your color. Be good, be safe but mostly

Mary Mooney said...

Well now I have made 2 blogs! I am getting popular! Thanks had a great time and enjoyed meeting Kris and Jason.. you need to do a taxi blog.. Mary