Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Mary

Last night we said goodbye to our friend Mary M. She's been living at the BYC for the last four months with her twin boys, and was joined a week ago by her daughter Libby.

A rare treat for the mother of three, we took her out to dinner at the Sunset Grill last night, alone....without the kids...............

Mary is a true Southern Belle from Nawth Carolina, and is the epitome of the southern women written about in this book. Check out the chapter titles and you'll get a little taste of what Mary's all about!

She'll be back at the end of January......but we will miss her til then.

Mary had the Mango Tango Snapper, one of my favorites.....I had another favorite, the Almond Crusted Snapper, and Renita had the beef tenderloin, the remains of which will be a steak sandwich later today!

Our waiter actually got a pretty good shot of us!

The true dichotomy of San Pedro....New vs. Old... and right next to one another

Lots of kids feeding the tarpon. You can see them in the shadows

Watch your fingers!!!

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