Sunday, December 14, 2008

Macy's in San Pedro

The first "department" store arrived in San Pedro around four years ago. Named "Wings" it's owners have a similar store in the Free Zone near Corozal. You can find just about anything in that place, on any given day, sheets, towels, serving dishes, cases for CDs, baby clothes, shoes, MP3 players, if it's made in China, they have it.

Since then another similar store opened, Caye Supplies. Around the same time Caye Supplies started building on a second story, Wings caught fire, spreading havoc around the airstrip. You can read the stories about the fire, and subsequent rebuilding of Wings on tacogirl's blog.

Several months ago, when I needed something that I knew was only available at Wings, a department store here in San Pedro, I decided to cut through the construction traffic and look to see if they had what I wanted inside the store, which, to most passersby appeared to be closed and a permanent construction site.

After I made my purchase, I chatted for a bit with Monica, the store owner. I asked her what the huge construction would bring about, and she told me that her new and improved store, when completed, would be just like Macy's.

Macy's commercial

Lots of us have either been to Macy's, seen Macy's, shopped at Macy's or at least seen the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade......and most of us, who have ever set foot in San Pedro, cannot fathom anything resembling a Macy's store in San Pedro.

To top it off, she informed me that she would be installing the first escalator in Belize in her new "Macy's". Well as you can imagine, I pretty much laughed all the way home. I mean, c'mon, if the salt and sand here will disenigrate a screw inside the wall in a year, can you even imagine what it will do to an escalator? How long do you think those gears are going to turn with the daily influx of salt and sand? I'm betting on six months or less.

One more issue.....since this is the FIRST escalator in Belize.....who is going to 1. install it, and 2. repair it???

Construction continued, and every so often, when we needed something from the store, Monica would repeat her story about Macy's and the escalator, giving us a chuckle or two from time to time.

Yesterday, I saw the truck go by. An extended bed on a semi-trailer, with what appeared to be a giant twisted tube, shaped like a stairway and covered with what appeared to be foil. I knew immediately that this must be the first escalator in Belize.

You can see some pictures of them taking this monsterocity off the truck yesterday on Tacogirl's blog. A phone call yesterday afternoon from someone in the Tropic Air office told me that there seemed to be a problem with fitting the escalator into the correct spot. Ha ha....hard to believe no?

We decided that December 13 would forever be "Escalator Day" in San Pedro.

Well, I went over to the scene of the crime this morning. And yes, it does appear as if there is a slight measurement issue.

Hmmm.... may be difficult to get this under the concrete roof.......

Don't think it's going to make the bend.....

Maybe we should have left a little room for this thing???

Workers above seem unscathed by the entire thing.....


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