Sunday, December 14, 2008

San Pedro's Bad Santa

A movie came out a few years ago called "The Bad Santa".. Billy Bob Thorton played the role of the bad Santa in that movie. My favorite line is close to the end, when he looks at the family and says, "Do you people really need all this shit?" Hysterical, and oh so true!
This is the story about a Bad Santa. I'm sure alot of you know one, or have been one.....

Saturday, we were trying to organize the rest of our Christmas "shit" and it was a big job. We even found some stuff that we didn't know we had.....for instance, a Santa suit.... hehehehe......

Bad Santa is pooped after organizing Christmas goodies

Bad Santa has a few too many Belikins

Bad Santa trying to lure people into the courtyard

Bad Santa takes a break in the kitchen

Bad Santa tries to sober up in the shower

Bad Santa cat calling pedestrians

Bad Santa tries to steal a bike

Failing the bicycle heist, Bad Santa tries escaping on a golf cart

Bad Santa doesnt realize he has no gun, and tries to hold up the Isla Bonita store

Bad Santa stealing beer from the kitchen

Bad Santa tries to hitchhike out of town

Finally exhausted, Bad Santa takes over a hammock

Grumbling Bad Santa


Ruthie said...

I love bad Santa...great post!

Anonymous said...

Methinks BadSanta needs to have a chat with BadPeter and try some Jager!

Sheryl said...

Bad santa looks like a hoot! Wish bad santa and his hot girlfriend could come to a party at my place! :)

tacogirl said...

too funny